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Personalized Content Delivery

Seek Information Services provides personalized, content delivery that maximizes the value and impact of information. Our Seek Sentinel Service enables the efficient delivery of email or web-based topic briefings that keep you informed about the information that matters to you.

Reliable Sources

Anyone can publish anything online. We use reputable sources from subscription databases so you know where the information comes from and whether or not there is any bias. 

Connecting the Dots

We identify the most valuable things from the least expected sources. The insights we can provide to you can come from reading a magazine while we're waiting at the doctor's office or talking to a random stranger in a coffee shop. 

Social Media Content 

With our briefings, you have a steady supply of content to provide to your social media followers. Sharing industry news and your thoughts about it provides a good way to engage with your audience. 

Know Your Competition

As a business owner, you want a strategy, product, or experience that is set apart from others. Our briefings alert you to new happenings with your competition. 

Filtered by Skilled  Researchers

We make it easy to stay informed by personally gathering info from trusted sources* and refining the results to match your specific  interests – saving time and making sure important info is highlighted and distractions are filtered out. 


* Our trusted sources include vetted news sources, business, trade & industry publications, journals, government & agency databases, academic research, websites, blogs, social media, analysis, and selected internal content.

Strategic Content

We share our analysis on what content works and what falls flat so we can fine-tune our strategy and work with you to determine which topics we will watch for you on our "radar".

Access to Custom Delivery Platform

Choose your method of delivery: email, custom website,  spreadsheet.

Slack Channel Access

​We will provide access to our Slack channel for 30 days while we hone in on strategy.  This access continues with the purchase of our monthly package.    

Continuous Fine Tuning

We will make ongoing adjustments to our strategy for optimal performance and effectiveness of the information you receive.

Begin With a
​Content Strategy Session

A 30 minute discovery call with me, a 20 year experienced online researcher, so I can learn about your business, competitors, and customer personas to locate & deliver the ideal content for your needs.

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Monthly Email Briefing

Initial 30 Minute Strategy Session

Two Topic Areas

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Ultimate Package

Delivered Once a Week


Weekly Email Briefing

Initial 60 Minute Strategy Session

Up to 5 Topic Areas

Quarterly Content Strategy Sessions

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Premium Package

Delivered Once a Day


Daily Delivery by 10:00 a.m. EST

Initial 60 Minute Strategy Session

Up to 10 Topic Areas

Monthly Content Strategy Sessions

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What Clients Say

Our Clients Rely on Our Briefings

Your daily briefings have been a great help to me in getting up to speed in some of the new areas I've been exposed to recently. 


T. T.

Business Development

Thank you for providing this excellent service. It has given us a window into events in the U.S. medical scene.


B.A. and the team Down Under


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